There are many ways to tell a story… through a book, a picture, a novel… we chose to do so with games.


Imagine you live in a country led by an incompetent and corrupt government… not so hard to imagine right? Would you accept it passively… or fight?

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Our blog is where we discuss about game design, programming, best practices and of course, the future of our games.

  • Weekly Update #3

Weekly Update #3 – People Needs

Hi! Before starting with this week's update, as always, if you want to learn more about the game, have a quick chat or discuss anything with me, join my discord channel, I'm [...]

  • Weekly Update #2

Weekly Update #2 – Fruit Stand!

Hi! Before moving on with the update I have just created a discord channel for Game Smithing so if you want to have a chat about the game, development, or anything really, [...]

  • Weekly Update #1

Weekly Update #1 – Simulating People

Hey! This is the first ever weekly update for Project Urban Tale! I know this is extremely early and why the hell would I even be posting something so raw like this, [...]

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Making games is what we love, and what we love is making games. That should be a good enough reason, right?

Motivation Breakdown

Passion 98%
Personal Accomplishment 92%
Fun 61%
Money 4%


We are a small, practically nonexistant game development studio located in São Paulo, Brazil.

This is Allan Smith, the Horse.

Allan Smith

Yes, that is me. The horse of course. The horse that actually works at Fire Horse Studio during the day (more like 14 hours a day), and at Untold Chronicles… well, during the remaining 5 minutes. I believe that being part of one independent game development studio already shows how passionate one is about making games… but being part of two? That’s just madness.

The crazy good artist behind the images you see here is Danilo Franco, who is actually one of my partners at Fire Horse Studio together with Fernando Colombo.


Don’t leave your message… untold. Did you see what I did there?