Before moving on with the update I have just created a discord channel for Game Smithing so if you want to have a chat about the game, development, or anything really, I’m always around!

So, second week huh… would be better if this post was actually posted in the second week haha but, nevermind that, it is about the second week regardless! This week I have focused mostly in trying to get new behaviours in, so first I started by finishing up the Fruit Stand interaction as you can see in the video! Then, I proceeded to implement some more of the super market where you as the player work. Here is the full list of changes:

– Created basic dialogue system, currently only being used for the Fruit Stand interaction;
– Added the concept of money in the game, so you can actually give something to the poor vendor;
– Added a system for “open/closed” for businesses such as the fruit stand. What that means is that the shop is only open when the owner comes to open it, and closes when the owner goes home;
– System to Clean/Refill the shop stock when opening and closing the store. Vendor doesnt want to leave the apples just sitting there all night long ya know?
– System so a shopkeeper can reject you trying to sell your items back to it. They are trying to make a buck, not make YOU a buck!
– Fully implemented the Fruit Stand interaction, including chit chat, purchasing, rejecting, and stock management;
– Created the Fruit Stand “HD” art to be used in the inspection interface;
– Adjusted system that detects closest interactable entity to also consider the mouse position, so you can select stuff;
– Started creating the Super market art as seen in the video. Took me longer than it should for sure haha but well, its coming along!
– Implemented behaviour for the Market Manager NPC which is responsible for opening the market and your point of interaction in the market;
– Implemented behaviour for the Market Cashier NPC which tends the till, they are more for flavour than anything;
– Few adjustments to pathfinding which was not behaving as it should (still isnt =P);
– Started implementing a more structured dialogue system for when its not just feedback dialogues;
– Multiple bug fixes, and multiple new bugs as well!

And thats it for this week’s update! I wish I managed to do a bit more but I am happy to see that stuff is getting done! Next week will hopefully work more on the super market interactions and if everything goes well, implement the player’s job in the world!