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This week I decided from the get go that it probably would be better to just focus a bit more on the simulation and figure out what was going on. Why are they still hungry if there is now infinite food? Why are so many food shops closed all the time, where are these lazy owners??? Took me a while but I managed to track down a few bugs I had not anticipated, and also managed to get something else done this week… diseases!!! As if the citizens were not unhappy enough yet…

Lets just say that at least being sick can be profitable, if you are in the right business!

It actually turned out better than I expected, but I have to say… its hard to control! Small changes into virality, how easily it spreads, can cause huge outbreaks, people start dying… gets messy really quickly, but Im curious to see how it plays out in the real game. At any rate, here is the full list of changes for this week:

-Implementing logic to reuse entity ids for the “physical” part of the world;
-Improving statistic reporting at the end of the day to make it easier to understand what the hell is going on in the world;
-Created art for the “Medicine” item both for the world icon and in-inventory item;
-Created animations for “Sneezing” and “Dying”;
-Creating “Pharmacies” in the world, which right now are just food stands that sell medicine (missing art);
-Added the concept of “Health” in the game, together with the systems that govern how health is adjusted based on other stats, as well as the concept of death to entities;
-Added the concept of “Immunity” systems, also dependant on other stats of the characters, where the lower the immunity, the easier it is for characters to get sick;
-Implemented diseases in the game. If a character has very low immunity, they might get “naturally sick”, becoming patient zero of a new disease. They can spread the disease by sneezing on passerbys, move slower because they are debilitated, have different color skin so the player knows who to avoid, they recover naturally slowly if they manage to get their immunity back up (by reducing their hunger/tiredness), but they can also go into a pharmacy to buy medicine which heals them immediately, but, costs quite a bit of money;
-Implemented “Buy medicine” task so citizens know how to reason to go and buy medicine, and from where;
-Tons of bugs fixed, but a few are worth mentioning:
–Critical bug where NPCs couldnt get to their destinations by like… 1 pixel, so they would try to buy food, stay 1 pixel from the store and just starve;
–Critical bug on how “working hours” was calculated… very dumb mistake but cause a lot of food shops to be closed a lot of the time, making it more likely for hunger to spread;
–Critical bug where citizens would eat their brains out… overeating a lot, not only making them spend money they didnt have but reducing food stocks for other citizens;
–Z positions were not being adjusted correctly for shops which made it all look even worse than normal =P;
-Automating a few more processes in the development pipeline which should speed up development a little bit.

And thats it for this week’s update! Next week I really need to get going on the supermarket logic. I need to deal with a few issues that came up once citizens started dying but, other than that, I must just stop and implement the player’s job and a way for the player to earn money in the game, so hopefully I will be able to get this done this time!